Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Dice Box

Pickup currently unavailable at Fantasy and Reality, 36 Broadgate

Keep your dice safe from any threat with this beautifully crafted dice box! The cunning Mimics are shapeshifting predators who have the ability to disguise themselves in the form of inanimate objects to lure creatures to their impending demise. Most often these take the form of doors & chests, having learned that such forms attract a steady stream of prey.

6 burnt orange eyes gaze from the front of the box with a set of pointed fangs, this Mimic has disguised itself as a silver edged chest. Opening the lid reveals a mouth in gloss purple where you can store your dice and hide your loot!

The Mimic Dice Storage box is case from the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted.

A must have addition to any Dungeon Master's arsenal.

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