Lisa Parker has captivated collectors around the world with her best-selling artworks featuring animals with a magical twist. With deliberate use of lighting and composition, Lisa’s art is designed to draw the viewer in, bringing you in to the painting. Be spellbound as you are taken on a mystical journey and seek out the hidden messages that lie in her art.

“Be it furry, feathery, big, or small, I believe in kindness to all.”

16 products found in Lisa Parker

Hocus Pocus Oil Burner
  • £6.50
Guardian of the Fall Box
  • £21.00
Adventure Awaits Embossed Purse
  • £20.00
Absinthe Embossed Purse
  • £20.00
  • £100.00
Snow Kisses
  • £90.00
Warriors of Winter Snowglobe
  • £26.00
Guardian of the North Globe
  • £26.00

Sold out

Guardian of the North
  • £47.50
Hocus Pocus
  • £60.00

Sold out

A Brush With Magic
  • £59.99
Rise of the Witches Spirit Board
  • £19.00
Sacred Love
  • £82.50
The Witches Apprentice
  • £80.00
The Charmed One Goblet
  • £21.50

Sold out

Guardian of the North Bronze
  • £45.00