Out of Time

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You are...Out of Time!

This is the Grim Reaper, but maybe not exactly how you recognise him.

The physical personification of death, the reaper of souls. The Grim Reaper guides souls into the afterlife, meeting this formidable being is a terrifying prospect for most of us humans!

But this take on the reaper is a little different, he comes offering just a little bit more time. In the left hand of the hooded afterlife tour guide is the traditional instrument of death, the trusty Scythe. And in his right hand...a sand timer?! This comedic figurine gazes straight at the sand timer almost in as much confusion as we are!

With an oversized natural looking skull and the long flowing black hooded cloak to finish this piece off! This piece would make a perfect addition to any gothic themed home.

Created using the finest resin before being beautifully hand-painted.

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