Mortal Kombat Tankard

Pickup currently unavailable at Fantasy and Reality, 36 Broadgate

Mortal Kombat is one of the best-selling fighting game series and Fantasy and Reality are proud to present this Mortal Kombat Tankard produced by Nemesis Now!

Taking center stage is the Franchise's iconic "Elder God" dragon Logo, appearing to suspend the logo in place are the chains which associate with the Scorpion's Kunai. The title of the Series "Mortal Kombat" features circled around the rim of the Tankard, beneath though blood drips down onto the Logo. Skulls of former tournament combatants are trapped around the base of the Tankard. The handle of the Tankard is engulfed in flames and smoke with the Elder God emerging from the top.

This would make a perfect addition or start to any fan of the popular Fighting Game Series.

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