Crystal Bag- Starter Set

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Fantasy and Reality Crystal Bags feature a selection of crystal tumble stones tailored to help various aspects of our day to day lives. In each bag you also receive a small list of the stones included and the property showing its purpose.

There are thousands of crystals, and when you first start to look into them you can very quickly come to the conclusion that a lot of us have already had "Well where on earth do I start?" Well Fantasy and Reality's Crystal Starter Set Bag is a great place. Inside this bag are some of the keys to open the many, many avenues of the healing power of crystals! 

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love.

Clear Quartz - The master healer and amplifier of all other energies.

Amethyst - A very calming stone.

Citrine - "The merchant stone" Brings wealth & abundance.

Sodalite - Aiding communication, reduces anger and promotes balance.

Red Jasper - Stone of nuturing, assists in locating issues and showing insight.

Green Aventurine - A great stone for health.

Tigers Eye - A stone for courage.

Agate - A stone of grounding.

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