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Amethyst, a member of the Quartz family is one of the most popular crystals out there. Known for its various shades of purple ranging from pale lavenders to deep violets.

Amethyst as well as its beautiful appearance is a very powerful and protective stone. Known for both physical and metaphysical properties Amethyst is a very good choice of stone for many different reasons:

Spiritual Protection, Calming and Balancing, Spiritual Awareness, Clarity and Focus, Healing and Transformation.

Chevon Amethyst features that same shades of purple, but features distinctive white bands of quartz often in V-Shapes or zigzags throughout the stone. The healing properties are considered to be almost identical, with the inclusion of the white quartz being able to enhance the ability to facilitate deep meditation and spiritual insights.

Please note that these Amethyst Tumble Stones are sold individually, colour and size may vary to that shown in the images.

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